by Steven Yatsko For


Ever on the progressive forefront of genderless fashion, Rad Hourani‘s “multidisciplinary exhibition of contemporary art” is the latest example of the avante-thinker’s ruminative and exploratory work. This time he combines contemporary art with contemporary design–his signature monochromatic, architecturally minimal coats. As presented, they are shown in five distinct images, each different societal impressions. When deconstructed they are meant to expose “the foundations of our social, religious, economic, sexual and geopolitical systems. It proposes neutrality as a new universal vision.” Rad definitely doesn’t shy away from esoteric ideas, a notion that is practically built into the DNA of his namesake label.



NEUTRALITY EXHIBITION is up until January 31st, 2016 at Arsenal Contemporary Art Centre in Montreal, Canada and will be opening at Arsenal Toronto on June 9th until October 15th, 2016


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Model LINDSAY wearing Rad Hourani Unisex BLACK KNITTED WOOL coat and MIXED COLORS WOOL long belted coat


Upper-Lower, 2015
Aluminum and powder coated paint  182.9 x 91.4 x 45.7 cm / 72” x 36” x 18” Edition 1/1

This geometrical sculpture represents a society organised in two primary social classes: upper class and lower class. The result is an unbalanced construction that threatens to topple over. The aluminum structure is powder coated in grey paint, which expresses the murkiness of such a societal construction. According to Rad Hourani, this type of economical segregation is shady and can only be negative for any society.



Models KEIRAN and JOHN wearing Rad Hourani Unisex BLACK KNITTED WOOL coat


Limitless, 2015
Series of five paintings: acrylic on wood panels Variable dimensions

This artwork is composed of five individual paintings that are inspired by the geometrical shapes of road signs and by the colours usually associated with advertising. Rad Hourani selected fluorescent colours that simultaneously draw attention and turns the individual components into childish and playful objects. Through this work, viewers are invited to go through the exhibition at their own pace, without external limitations. In Rad Hourani’s words, each individual has their own pace and rhythm.



Models LINDSAY and JEAN MICHAEL wearing Rad Hourani Unisex BLACK KNITTED WOOL long belted coat

Model KARIM wearing MIXED COLORS WOOL long belted coat


Nationless, 2015
Series of eight paintings: acrylic on wood panels 8 times 121.9 x 91.4 cm / 48” x 36”

This artwork is composed of eight monochrome paintings made with the eight colours used to form 99% of all national flags around the world. Seven billion people define themselves geopolitically according to these colours. Each painting is constituted of four liters of paints applied in seven layers with a spatula to reference the seven continents. Indeed, this work regroups the most notable national colours into a single artwork. In a world without countries, geopolitical distinctions, divisions and limitations would cease to exist according to Rad Hourani.



Models RACHEL and CLARISSE wearing MIXED COLORS WOOL long belted coat



Open Doors, 2015
Wood, paint, hinges and vinyl   203.2 x 134.62 x 76.2 cm / 80” x 53” x 30”

Doors represent either openings or obstructions in our society. Here, three doors are hung fully open and without locking mechanisms. They represent a desire by the artist to abolish any hurdles linked to gender, ethnicity and social classes. This work also refers to the heavy history of segregation throughout the twentieth century.


photography by Shayne Laverdiere / Styled by Samuel Fournier / Makeup by Geneviéve Lenneville / Hair by PACO