The World According to Rad Hourani via DOSSIER MAGAZINE

written by Katharine Zarrella

An artistic depiction of the pensive designer

“When I was a kid, I was really religious. I believed in Jesus and my grandfather was a priest. But at one point, I started traveling and I saw other religions and I said to myself, ‘What makes me believe that my religion is better than his, or hers?’ I started examining my way of thinking and how people are programmed and conditioned to view the world. I saw what caused trouble, what caused war, what caused pain…and I asked myself, ‘How can you live with no limits of gender, of religion, of color?’ My clothes are a bit like that. You can be from anywhere and you can travel all over the world and wear it and be yourself.”

The above is just one of the proclamations a black-clad Rad Hourani gave during our outlandishly early morning interview, this along with an “I don’t believe in gender or religion” mantra. Considering the intended purpose for my visit to the designer’s pristine Paris studio was to discuss his innovative fall collection of sequin accents, patent leather shorts and shape-shifting jackets, such a statement seemed potentially disingenuous. In truth, however, it is an integral piece of the personal ethos that inspires Hourani’s complex collections.