Running from June 24th to July 22nd at the Joyce Gallery in Paris, artist Rad Hourani brings together the mediums of photography and video installation in his latest adventure titled TRANCLASSIC. In this seemingly new guise as visual artist, he continues his craft with a passion for the androgynous aesthetic and timeless beauty of modernity incarnate. Delving into the pool of models to personify this transformable and classic beauty, individualism is expressed in ways that prove it possible to be as unique as you wish with the help of a single jacket presented 10 different ways, as well as additional key pieces amongst his latest creations. Without seasons, boundaries, or walls, Rad Hourani's collections remain an ongoing evolution of his world's orbit around his very own unique sun. Presenting some of fashion's most inspiring faces in a light all his own, the photographer has selected models who epitomize his ideas of personality, style, and the transcending beauty that does not reference a generation past, nor threatens expiration on a future date. Ranging from supermodel Helena Christensen and newly announced it girl Elisa Sednaoui, to the French classic Charlotte Di Calypso, and New Face Alicia K, the exhibit wreaks of promise and a deeper look than ever before into what can only be described as a galaxy unto itself.