Tranclassic is the self-titled arts exhibition of the Jordanian born artist Rad Hourani. The exhibition, which is his first solo art endeavor, opened in Paris two days ago
In search of the meaning of Tranclassic I looked to the dictionary which resulted in no definitions, so I promptly asked the designer if he could elaborate, which he the told me the word  "is a hybrid between transformation and classism".
Which seemed to be the idea he explored over the past months shooting "classic beauties" such as Helena Christensen, Elisa Sednaoui and Byrdie Bell in both New York and Paris (which is where the artist is currently based), he says "what  started as a project, quickly became this subject matter for this exhibition and I liked the idea of showing images (nearly fifty to be exact plus video works)  with only female models during Men's week - it supports my idea of a timeless & unisex universe".
The show was launched in conjunction with his aptly titled line Rad Hourani Classics which will be available in stores January 2011.