Rad Hourani has built his collection on an idea of genderless dressing. And outerwear is a natural way to explore that. How many women practically live in their boyfriend’s coats and jackets? The central piece for his third collection was a precisely cut, utilitarian, military-style jacket that came in one streamlined shape and two colors (black or olive green.) He then proceeded to elaborate on that idea by adding double-belts, contrasting inserts, hoods, buckles, pockets, and origami-like lapels — each jacket becoming a little more complex than the last. It was an incredibly focused, smartly executed exercise that yielded confident, timeless clothes. Most interestingly, the collection struck the perfect balance between ingenuity and sellability. Rad's unisex dressing could have easily fallen into the trap of being a novel gimmick, but this collection reveals a man determined to develop a successful business.