"I've never followed rules in my life '

Rad Hourani writes HISTORY with its timeless couture collections aimed at women and men, thus Hourani themselves asexual and aseasonal are. This is HIS YEARS.
- Text Georgette King

In an Amsterdam studio, Rad Hourani wears a spotless white vest, it is tight and reminiscent of a Star Trek uniform. "You like it?," He asks with a lilting, dark brown voice. He always wears his own architectural design, including self-designed high-heeled shoes. "The heel gives the silhouette elegance. I never wanted to walk on flats but my heels are now slightly lower, because I have problems with my hip. This is fixed. Lol! "While he giggles he turns his head away beautifully.

Quirky Hourani is one of a kind. As a personality and as a fashion designer. Trends? not interested in at all. Color in his collection? He does not see where it is needed. Mode? He has nothing. 


With aesthetics though, he loves graphic and symmetrical, black and white. Whether he is in everyday life as well as pronounced? "Yes. There is no gray area. I love honesty, of strong but sensitive. 'You wonder whether his outspoken attitude does not work regularly against him in the fashion world, where compliance is often seen as a good feature. Certainly, "My whole life, I never followed rules, what matters is individualism, I follow my vision." Laughs: "It has 130 outlets brought me so far in 30 countries. I just do what I feel is right. "

Hourani has never followed a training mode even with his Unisex haute couture, . He explains that he designs as an architect. His sketches - "they look like houses' - are converted with his patterns maker in perfectly fitting clothes. In 2006, the talented designer from Montreal moved to Paris. Because he can not be 'severe' personality underlined, finding the right clothes he makes his own wardrobe that opens into a unisex collection, presented in Paris in 2007. He is currently working on a first retrospective of his work for a cultural center in Montreal, and of course his second couture collection. Through the influential Sidney Toledano, CEO of Christian Dior, he ends up last January at the couture calendar. "That was the first time in fashion history that unisex haute couture was shown." Each piece can be worn by both a man and a woman. Hourani's clientele is also quite varied. Actor and musician Jared Leto wears his designs, like stylist Patti Wilson, actress Elisa Sednaoui and model Crystal Renn. "But an older woman standing in my designs feel timeless and powerful."

And then Hourani, it's time for his portrait. He fumbles a bit of a zipper in his neck, the jacket fits perfectly around his tight body. He looks approvingly in the mirror and asks again: "You like it?" -

Rad Hourani, 5 Years or Unisex. Photography, fashion and videos in the Phi Centre in Montreal, Canada, from November 1 this year. At the same time get a book and a DVD out.