by Anca Macavei


What do you consider as being “Sacred” nowadays?


We live in a very fast society today and things are made to consume more and more. I don’t feel like I belong to this kind of way of living as I do things that I find a necessity for, there’s a meaning to what I do. I don’t do things to fill in a category or in a society and that is “Sacred”.


One of your key approaches to life is the “no restrictions” one. Where is your limit on this topic and which are the topics on which you impose yourself limits or allow others to do it?


 Restrictions should be only for criminal acts, murder or stealing or any negative act that can happen in our life. I can’t tell anyone what to do or not to do, I can only suggest my vision and it’s each person choice to take what makes sense to them from what I do. I’m anti all limits in life that can stop us to evolve and move forward. Everyone should feel free and positive in there life to do what ever they like to do without living in the eyes of others.


Beauty is everywhere, yet perfection is nowhere“ you once stated. Point me one thing/concept/idea that embody the concept of perfection for you. 


To attend perfection can be in anything ; designing, cooking, studying, etc. It’s like making no mistake at all, but it’s impossible. Perfection for me is the illusion of attending something that it’s at it best forever. It can’t be possible if you want to grow and learn in life, it’s like stopping to evolve. What is perfect for someone can be imperfect to another.


You have listed Michelangelo Antonioni's “La Notte” among your favorite movies, why is that? How do those cinematic concepts of interrupted journeys, dysfunctional relationships and a seemingly unattainable search for sincere passion echo in your life?


I really enjoyed how the story was told in such a simple and poetic/modern way. Everything seemed perfect but again it’s like dying to yourself by having everything set to an illusion of comfort or finding love. It’s a very good example of  relations in monogamy. I’m in love right now and I don’t know where it will go as I don’t want to set rules to my relation, I want to enjoy every moment if possible and we’ll see where it will go.


You always mention how much you want your designs to be anchored in contemporary, and you try to avoid as much as possible the vintage look. Do you think there is present without past?


There’s definitely a present without a past. A pure present can’t be pure if you are not in the now. You can’t be present and having the past in you at the same time. To be in the present is to be free of all the past and future. And I think it’s the same for clothing, it is about creating a form that can be the present at all time without fitting in any past categories. It’s a very challenging thing for me as it’s very easy to be designing trends or being the cool thing one day and nothing the next day… I want to be true to my vision only and to the people that see themselves in it, it’s very uncompromising.


The geometric shapes like rectangles constitute a strong base for all your collections. Do patterns or geometry have any particular meanings to you as sacred shapes, or else, where does this aesthetic come from?


Symmetry and rectangles shapes are the main base of my design. They help me to attend the “Unisex” vision that I have been building for the past 6 years. The geometry in my shapes are made of these to things and I find that they make the human body look longer and modern. I think that I’m very unconsciously attracted to architect and I think that’s where all of it come from.


The concepts of timeless and genderless are your main distinctive elements. Did they come up from just the idea of doing something different, opposite to the current state of fashion or is it something more personal? Do you see yourself as belonging to only one gender or category?


They came up from the idea of no trends and no rules or codes of dressing and that is different in our society. I have no intrest in fashion, I am interested in the human being and they way we live in our world, especially on planet earth. I 100% belong no category or gender as my message is all about not limiting yourself to any of that.


Unisex refers to things that are suitable for either gender that are shared by both sexes. Is it just a somehow utopian approach that you reflect artistically in your work or would you really like the world to be constituted on this premises?


I would like to see a world built with complete freedom and new way of thinking and to have more people that observes things rather than just following others. Religion has always exsited as we always need a guide in our life and I’m not interested in being a guru or a chef. The hope is not in me but in all of us. Unisexe is a new way of being that can be applied by anyone, anywhere at anytime.


Fashion is an illusion” you said. Therefore you see yourself as a creator of illusions and the magicians of the 20th century are the fashion designers?


I always say “Everything is an illusion” and that include fashion, art, design and me. Today’s fashion designers are just making collections to sell and to please editors and press, there’s nothing magical about that. Very few designers make things differently that can inspire people to think forward and dream. There’s magic in everything in life but you have to look deep for it, it’s not always evident but I’m thankful to know that it’s always possible.