"Au commencement était… Alphonse Allais"

Stanley Février



The Au commencement était… Alphonse Allais exhibition by Stanley Février is a pictorial exploration that questions the non-recognition of Allais's artistic approach throughout the history of art. Indeed, Allais spent nearly twenty years of bitter struggles developing a monochrome practice, paving the way for abstract and minimalist art, without ever having his influence accredited and cited by art historians.

"Who does not know Duchamp's Fountain? This most influential work of modern art of all time, was attributed to him when its author is the artist and poet Elsa vonFreytag - Loringhoven. What about Yves Klein who, in his quest for immateriality, plunges into a monochrome practice to which he owes his fame? Or even Carré noir sur fond blanc by Malevich, recognized as the first monochrome in contemporary painting, when it was produced by Alphonse Allais more thirty years before Malevich?"  Stanley Février

Through this exhibition, Février tries to update an archive and reactivate the work of Alphonse Allais through a series of monochrome, inspired by his Album Primo-Avrilesque published by Ollendorf in 1897. In addition, Février is part of Allais's work and exceeds it by creating monochrome sculptures made from the imprints of his own body: what he calls mono-corps-oïdes. A takeover, this is Stanley Février's intention: to defend Alphonse Allais in the face of art history and denounce the frequent appropriation of the work of others without recognition of the inspiration or influence used.