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The relationship, conscious or not, that we have with food and what we consume directly affects the behavioral aspect through the different social dimensions to which we are exposed. We act differently depending on the situation, either by environment, weather, socialization, or even according to national and religious holidays. The union we encounter with beings who, from near or far, are directly in contact with us, through feasts and festivals, also allows us to put a direct contact with universal and cultural characteristics.

Our consumption, whether animal or plant, is directly influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves. The contexts are different depending on the food, whether it is having tea or a family gathering. It is essential to ask questions, in order to perceive if our consumption is in line with our values, and to question it too. Why do we find it easy to eat meat when we increasingly cherish our animals as part of our family? Why have we attributed, in certain languages, a masculine or feminine name to a food? 

Our desires can bring on a certain nostalgia, which can be evoked in different ways, but scents can be particularly likely to evoke this feeling because of the close connection between smells and memory. Colors also flow to our brain and amplify this feeling of bitterness. Food, whether in the form of plants or herbs, is directly psychologically related to awaken our senses - smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. It is possible to appreciate what we consume from a more artistic perspective, through its form and its color, without seeing it as an object of consumption. The exhibition FOOD NATURE brings their glory to light in order to restore these works to their true natures, without taking it for granted.