Jay Krakower  -  Stanley Février  -  EMILY ROYER  -  Travis McEwen  -  Sarah Trouche  -  Esther Calixte-Béa  -  CAROLINE MAUXION  -  Olivia Turchyniak  -  José Lara Menéndez


The HUMA-I-N exhibition aims to put into perspective the way we perceive our physical forms and to reinvent the boundaries between Self and its environment,  through our daily life, our relationships, our symbols as well as our fortified experiences. Art allows us to explore otherwise taboo ideas and allows us to begin to question how society has shaped us, especially on beauty standards and on the question of gender. Through the HUMA-I-N exhibition, artists explore intimacy, synonymous with body language, human relations and domesticity. It is through the affirmation of the Self, through the acceptance of the body, our technological environment and our identity, which allows artists and ourselves to strengthen our esteem in connection with the current world. By using the play of colors and shapes, identifiable human traits are obscured and replaced by artistic principles and forms of otherness. In this way, art makes the human form anonymous, objectified and universal, allowing a deeper understanding of our relationship to the world around us, in addition to giving a more symbolic and normalized dimension of human anatomy to the identification of the Self, by flesh, skin color and hair.