Unraveling the Mystery that Is Rad Hourani

by Michael Kowalinski

Since his Paris debut in 2007, Rad Hourani has been like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma under a black leather tunic. Now showing in New York, he's as abstruse as ever, his models—male and female—giving nothing away as they storm down the runway sheathed in all-black, armor-like uniforms, as if they're some chic army from the future. With a photo exhibition coming up in New York and a film script in the works, it seems there's yet another layer to the designer. Here, one writer's attempt to unravel the mystery that is Rad Hourani...

The first fashion show I ever attended was yours. What was your first show?
Oh, wow. The first show I ever attended was Chanel when I first moved to Paris. I got a call from Chanel saying that Karl was amused with the portrait I did of myself looking like him. They invited me to the show and it was lovely. It was like a concert, with what felt like thousands of people and a great energy.

What's the most beautiful photograph you've ever seen?
I think that I haven't seen it yet. I think beauty is everywhere, but perfection is nowhere. I'm a perfectionist, but I don't think perfection exists. These mediums that I use, fashion and photography, give me the illusion that perfection exists. I'm still looking for that one photograph and I hope some day I'll create it.

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