Rad Hourani's Equal Opportunity Book


On Saturday night, emerging designer Rad Hourani seized the momentum of men's weeks to release his first and self-titled photography book. The aim was to organize, Interview-style (if we do say so ourselves), conversations between people that are all close to him—ranging from '70s model Viviane Fauny, to his entire team and closest friends. He then went on to shoot every single interviewee's portrait, in Paris and New York—each dressed in head-to-toe Hourani, bien sûr.

Interview chatted with Hourani during his book launch in Paris' Marais, and discussed the philosophy of unisex.

ALICE PFEIFFER: What is happening here today, exactly?
RAD HOURANI: This is the launch of my first-ever book project, which I did in collaboration with [Amsterdam creative team] Mykro. They wanted to do a book about Rad Hourani, and I offered to focus it, as a starting point, on my good friend's mother, Viviane Fauny. She was a model in the 1970s who worked with photographers ranging from Avedon to Penn and Newton. She's also very dear to me, so I wanted to use this opportunity to show the world around me, her, but also my team and my friends. READ FULL INTERVIEW