In July 2012 Rad Hourani will present his first Unisex Haute Couture collection in Paris.

Driven by an innovative approach to design and couture for the past 5 years, Rad Hourani has established a singular unisex vision and is pleased to show that his namesake label has now fully come into its own, reaching a new level:  the exceptional craftsmanship treats the fabric three-dimensionally, as an architectural origami canvas. The unisex reversible and transformable pieces are handcrafted and made with meticulous precision and dedication to Rad's vision: genderless, seasonless and timeless. Exclusive and unique these pieces are destined to be more than garments, a collector's item.  

With his coming show during Paris Haute Couture week this July 2012, Rad Hourani will be the first designer to present a Unisex Haute Couture show in history.