1. Describe the Rad Hourani brand?
A timeless unisex brand

2. Who is your favorite designer?
Rad Hourani

3. Who is the most intriguing fashion personality you’ve dressed?

Anyone that feels ageless, timeless, genderless and comfortable when they wear my unisex clothes.   

4. Which current economic challenge do you think has the largest impact on the fashion industry? 
I have no interest in the fashion industry.

5. What was your plan B if you weren’t designing?
There was never a plan a, so there’s no plan b. i just do what i feel like doing, it’s a question of feeling things.

6. What city do you consider to be the fashion capital of the universe?  
All cities and no cities. style is not fashion, and style can be found anywhere in the world. it’s like asking which city has the most beautiful people, the answer would be : there’s beauty and ugliness everywhere….

7. How do you see web 2.0 changing the fashion landscape?
The web in general is our life today. it is already controlling everything we do. imagine if there’s no internet for a day or one hour in the whole world ? everything will stop except our breathing.

8. Denim is over-saturating street style worldwide.  What is your stance on double denim?
I don’t like the look of denim and i find it not always comfortable. i think one day i’ll start doing denim again ( as i did in the past ), but i’ll do it my way. leather is just a fabric that i always loved but it’s not my denim.

9. What current trend do you detest most?
All trends with no exception….

10. Have you yourself ever broken Fashion Law?
Always, and all the 5 past years i was and still a fashion criminal as i started something that does not fit in the fashion world : a unisex timeless brand.

11. What’s up next for Rad Hourani?
A gallery opening in paris next month, a book launch of 5 yrs of unisex, a movie and more of unisex haute couture…

12. Philanthropy is a core Twelv value.  Are you involved in any philanthropic organizations or projects?
Soon, my art projects in my paris gallery will be related to projects to help as much as possible.

Interviewed by Renato Amado
Rad’s Portrait by Hollister Lowe 

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