For Rad, What’s contemporary is the juxtaposition of somber and luminous, black & white, classical & modern, it is the deconstruction and reconstruction of visual elements gathered along different spaces and experiences. Analogously, Contemporary Culture is perpetually obsessed with what is now, or what is to come next, but it is rarely concerned with how its visual production will transcend time. Most fashion and art publications are the direct result of the market economy, which tends to show the ephemeral nature of objects that reflect our human finality. Rad’s way of existing in the current paradigm is a dichotomy: he creates garments, videos, graphic art, and photography that appeal to a very contemporary sensibility, yet it appears to belong to a different time. This timelessness appears effortless, and is not season specific.

When looking at his work and the people he has been compared to at his young age, one could say he is part of the avant-garde. Yet, the avant-garde is bound to become obsolete in all art and fashion movements. Instead, he has created his personal cosmology in which there is no season, no gender, no race, and is driven by intuition. He may appear at first glance as a conceptual artist and designer, or an idealistic modernist, but more profoundly he is a romantic underneath the functionality and conceptual pieces he creates. The ideas of purity and the sublime are more often connected to Hegel’s and Kant’s late romanticism, which are in turn rarely associated with the avant-garde, and it is precisely what makes Rad Contemporary.

“ Contemporary is the obsession of a moment that could last forever, an illusion of what is timeless now” RAD HOURANI