The world of Rad Hourani is multidimensional. He is not only a visionary in design, but also a deeply sensitive artist using photography, film and graphic elements to express his unique voice.

As one of the most visible figures in the international design world, Rad remains deeply committed to his methodology. He has outwardly questioned perceptions of how one should live in a garment and developed a deep conviction of his signature style. Boundaries between male and female, young and old, and race and religion all collapse under his gaze. Through his search for neutrality in the human condition, he allows our spiritual self to emerge.

The uniformity of his collection creates a distinctive language that eludes design conventions. He applies principles of architecture in designing his patterns and works from the visceral premise of how the clothing will move and be worn. Rad is dedicated to making people feel comfortable, timeless and powerful. His attention to detail and form and the quality of his materials embrace our bodies. We feel protected and valued as one of a multitude, equal yet responsible for being true to ourselves. The notion of transformation emerges from the desire to allow people to redefine their experience while wearing the same garment. Rad lives the experience with us: “I create what I want to wear. My creations come from how I feel about something on my body.”

A photographer as well as a designer, Rad’s examination of the human body is keenly observant, fearlessly revealing our neutrality as a defining trait. Portraits are stark, movement is examined and landscapes are undistinguishable. Unity is a clear inspiration.

The phi centre is pleased to present the book Rad Hourani Five Years Of Unisex, a unique event to underline the work of this important creator.

The event Rad Hourani Seamless / 5 Years Of Unisex presents a five-year retrospective of Rad Hourani design and reveals the social content of his vision, which he actively expresses in photography, design and film.

Words : Phoebe Greenberg