In this series, Rad Hourani reflects on the body in order to bring viewers to question themselves as to whether the notion of our sexual orientations is physical and biological, or if it’s  simply a result of social conditioning. By presenting different bodies in neutral forms and reversed gender roles, Rad Hourani blurs the lines of sex and gender to allow the individual to appreciate the body, regardless of the viewer’s personal sexual preference. 

Here, nudity is not meant to be sexual, thereby abolishing the created notion of genitals as taboo. We created clothing to cover parts of our body that are associated with pleasure, yet these parts, according to Rad Hourani, should not be shameful, and could be regarded as merely a shape, free of sexual ideation.

The body is presented in its purest, most simple form, almost primitive, yet grandiose and statuesque. This series is sculptural in nature, yet is expressed through the medium of photography. In this way, Rad Hourani renders the body in its full freedom, stripped physically but also metaphorically of all constraints as the ultimate art form.