Rad Hourani

Blusea - unisex couture ensemble


Edition of 1

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"The  first  UNISEX  gender  neutral  collection in couture history" 



Rad Hourani’s gowns probes into the complex relationship between dress, power and identity. The clothing we wear is a direct reflection of who we are, and where we stand in society. Spanning centuries, royalty have set a dressing standard for their subjects to adhere to, and an unattainable standard to set themselves above others. Different cuts and textiles served, and continue to serve as socio-political markers, setting women and men, rich and poor apart. Rad Hourani creates an assortment of 7 neutral sculptures to render his vision of a world lead by a united conscious structure.


Although clothing is what allows for categorization, whether it is class or gender, Rad Hourani’s vision is one of neutrality. By using noble materials such as fine silks, velvet, or textile adorned with sequins, all made out of 30 meters of said fine materials each, the garments appear as ceremonial vestments, both alien and familiar, ancient artifact converging with architectural form, intimidating by their splendor. Not unlike the royal gowns of yore, Rad Hourani’s neutral ensembles instills a sense of intrigue and respect amongst the viewers.


Nonetheless, his vision introduces a neutral ruling class, secular and unidentifiable: the sculptures are created in his signature genderless anatomy that erases and encompass both genders, accessorized with masks that conceals the identity of the wearer. By veiling all human identifiers, the ensembles present themselves as cryptic entities, powerful and transcendent. It is the lack of identity that makes the pieces all the more powerful: fear of the unknown and the incomprehensible, what is beyond human, is the mightiest tool of control.