Oceania - 2021

Leather + Foam
32" X 26" X 8" INCHES




Originally, the use of animal skins was synonymous with that of protecting us against the cold and heat, especially when humans colonized new parts of the world. Social awareness, the differentiation between a woman's body and that of a man, created a sense of awkwardness among the habitants and the aspect of nudity became more intimate, which encouraged the wearing of garments. Subsequently, animal skins were also used in rituals, to mark differences in social rank and values, and in our societies today, they can be used for aesthetic purposes. Nowadays, it is our own skin that becomes an essential element. Skin care is in our capitalist system, seeking to hide our tiny wrinkles. In particular, the use of foundation acts as protection against imperfections, and allows the painting on a neutral canvas. Does this fake skin come to cover our true nature, the natural skin that is hidden under this scribbling?


This serie of sculptures represent different methodical forms, taken from remnants of Rad Hourani's previous creations. They are painted according to the variations of human skin tones. The notion of geometry, and the various abstract forms of animals, is representative of our own existence. Everything we see, whether tangible or intangible, has a unique mathematical code to express different movements, whilst being connected with each other. The assembly of this notion is native to multiple alliances that allow us to visually assimilate one form as opposed to another. We can see, through the different sculptures an aspect of symmetry that allows us to create a shape that can recall any animal. Whether domestic or wild, the perception of the model remains the same; it is equal to others, and it is equal to us.


The SKINIMAL serie wants to bring these dead skins back to life, with the illusion that we look through our own characteristics and that we further visualize our own skin through them. What if the animals had taken control? Are we accessories to wear? Are we food? The exhibition aims to bring these questions to light and to bring the thoughtful consumer to feel a sense of empathy, while being sensitized by our extreme consumption of meat. Have we succeeded in completely unbalancing nature in its pure state? Now is the time to repair our damage, restore respect to the diversity and integrity of all beings and take care of our shaken planet.


For acquisition inquiry :  STUDIO@RADHOURANI.COM