For his RAD by Rad Hourani #3 collection Rad Hourani took the concept of "transformability" that always constitutes a prevailing element in his work to a new level, by innovating new shapes and and creating new silhouettes for his unisex wardrobe.
Sleeves come off the jacket and, turned inside out, the jacket becomes a dress; large scarves are zipped together and draped accordingly to create skirts and dresses, whatever the occasion. The color palette is determined by variations of grey, that build a counterpart to the ever present black, and allow the collection to have a certain warmth: Combined with luxurious and "classical" fabrics, Wool flannel, boiled wool, standard wool, jersey and crepe and used within the minimalist yet very intricately constructed shapes and silhouettes, the clothes evoke an almost clerical ambiance, purist, almost perfect, yet unbelievably creative also for the wearer:
"I like the idea of showing what you can do with my clothes, the way you combine them and drape them you can make them your own."
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