RHF is devoted to showcasing both emerging and established artists. Focused on building a future that manifests the dialogue of neutrality, the foundation fuels imaginations that celebrate art through an amalgamation of mediums. Along side committed relationships, RHF advocates for critical thinking and an unconditioned state of being within and outside of creative spaces.


In developing a deeper understanding of a universal trait, the foundation’s mission strives to realize a more sustainable and equitable way of life. Exhibitions and collaborations have partaken in such dialogue, initiating conversations within interpersonal and collective kinship. RHF unifies its community on a global scale by allowing contemporary art to become accessible for all. This continuous discipline aims to further support the mission and perpetuate an ideology of radical neutrality. The foundation provides an impartial space that stands with and for the artists who rejoice in freedom of the self.


RHF is proud to present a selection of curated works that embody an inclusive philosophy. For its founder, Rad Hourani, the importance of art lies at the base of all creations. Imperative to human existence, the expression of visual meaning is the source of our surrounding environment. Without it, there would be no architecture, no technology, no design, no imagination; categorically nothing. Humanity would recant as a vestigial sense of self, unable to access consciousness.  




RHF is a non-profit organization. It is through your support that we are able to activate our spaces in new ways, providing a platform for public engagement with the art. Your offerings ensure that our exhibitions are accessible to our growing audiences. We will apply your support to the foundation’s greatest need. Funds enable us to make visible an alternative artistic culture, through the creation of projects, publication of books and conservation of our collection.