TRANCLASSIC, the forthcoming FIRST SOLO exhibition of work by Rad Hourani AT Galerie Joyce PALAIS ROYAL PARIS, following a group inclusion in Antwerp for the RA / MoMU BLACK installation.

TRANCLASSIC presentation & exhibition featureD film, AUDIO and photographic installations IN WHICH RAD HOURANI introducED HIS UNISEX TRANSFORMABLE CLASSIC collection.

INDIVIDUALITY Is expressED with the help of a single jacket presented IN 10 different ways MIXED WITH CLASSIC ITEMS. The fact that Rad Hourani is using female models for his exhibition during mens week REPRESENTS THE genderless / unisex aspect of his VISION. Hourani brings together theSE mediums to personify transformable - classic beauty.

HOURANI has selected models who epitomize his ideas of personality, style, and transcending beauty that does not reference a generation past, nor threaten expiration on a future date. The exhibition featureS some of fashion’s most inspiring faces in a light all his own, Ranging from models Helena Christensen, Tasha Tilberg, Charlotte di Calypso, Byrdie Bell, Bridget Hall and Elisa Sednaoui.

Hourani's approach is to give a black & white look at his world, his interests and his visions of a NEW world. This world is one with no gender, no rules, no seasons, epitomizing the very modern value of freedom, passion and elegance. His matter-of-fact aesthetic suggest an interest in the methods used to render things modern for both today and tomorrow.