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The  first  UNISEX  gender  neutral  collection  in  fashion  history  EST.  2007


Data flag 04 - 2019

Silk + Satin Silk
58" X 41" INCHES




In presenting flags made out of the leftover scraps of the same materials as his neutral couture gowns, Rad Hourani introduces revolutionary fervor into his ideal. Crafted from the once noble textiles, the flags stand for the masses taking back what should belong to all, the class responsible for the production of the very same textiles. Not unlike the iconic red flag, emblem of uprising against the ruling class, Rad Hourani’s flags appropriate the symbol of those in power to magnify the oppressed. Quilted into a banner rather than sewn into majestic habits, the flags seem as though they were created by a fictional united class, to brandish as their nation’s emblem. Under these banners, every individual ascends as their own ruler.

The flags are also born from Rad Hourani’s environmental concerns: they ensure that no waste resulted from his creations. All scraps are thus utilized to create artworks.  The patterns created within the banners are, as well, reminiscent of data graphs, bars of computerized personal information that register the contemporary state of being. It is in taking back ownership of our collected data for our own liberation rather than as a means of manipulation, and raising against environmental waste, that the human of the age of the computer can truly recover free will and uncover a new definition of luxury: consciousness.