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Rad Hourani's "ATTACHMENT" series explores how psychological theories and societal practices categorize humans through attachment styles in adult intimate relationships. Drawing inspiration from the four primary attachment styles categorized by research psychologists, Rad examines how these styles, formed in childhood, influence behavior throughout life. Through a series of four sculptures, Rad bridges theoretical concepts with tangible representations, using objects associated with physical protection to highlight how these psychological labels shape our identities and interactions.

A "secure" individual relies on the love and support of others in times of need, feeling comfortable with intimacy, commitment, and connectedness. They exhibit flexibility, good listening skills, and positive communication practices. The repetitive pattern of belt buckles in "SECURE" symbolizes balanced exchanges and openness. Traditionally used to attach two ends, the solid metal buckles evoke feelings of confidence, protection, and security.

An "avoidant" individual struggles with vulnerability to protect themselves from potential emotional harm. Preferring long-distance relationships to maintain independence, they often avoid conflict and lack expressions of tenderness. "AVOID" uses gloves to represent protection from harm. Although worn as a pair, they are presented separately, symbolizing an uncommitted couple. The uncrossed fingers illustrate a lack of dependence, while the covered hands signify an inability to reveal oneself and express emotion.

An "anxious" individual constantly seeks attention, affection, and approval from others, craving reassurance and sexual intimacy. Despite often being in relationships, they remain unsatisfied with their partners. The zipper in "ATTACH" depicts the tension between being single or coupled and the signs of dependence. Like an individual's inner emotional struggle, the zipper is intricate and cluttered, revealing one's anxiety about abandonment in an excessive and invasive manner and highlighting hyper-vigilance to conflict as a potential rupture.

A "fearful" individual lacks self-worth and struggles with assertiveness and love. Keeping partners at a distance due to fear of rejection, they lack trust and comfort in intimate relations. "HIDE" features epaulettes, originally designed for battle, projecting an image of power. The layered shoulder pads symbolize a camouflage of emotions, reflecting a deep fear of closeness and an inability to confide. In battle, epaulettes embody an introvert's tendency to compensate for poor communication skills and anticipation of rejection with a defensive stance.

Through these four sculptures, Rad Hourani challenges us to consider profound questions about human attachment and its impact on our lives. The series prompts reflection on whether humans are born universally neutral before experiencing interactions with positive and negative consequences and whether individuals can identify with multiple attachment styles simultaneously, including those not yet recognized by psychologists. This artistic project encourages us to explore the possibility of evolving in a secure environment without instability and prolonged negative experiences and whether it is achievable to reverse adverse effects induced by unfortunate circumstances. Additionally, the work examines the media's portrayal of threatening news and its impact on children's attachment status, as well as the effects of a parent's absence due to overwork on a child's development. Rad also questions whether an optimal attachment style is attainable with awareness of our protective tendencies and if it is possible to restructure the concept of a neutral mentality.

Reflecting on the automatism that categorizes people with divisive psychosocial labels, Rad Hourani's "ATTACHMENT” framed series symbolizes the programmed interactions that govern our daily lives. The series challenges us to consider the profound impact of psychological labels on our identities and relationships, advocating for a deeper understanding and a more compassionate approach to human connection.



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SECURE – 2021

Metal, lacquer paint on canvas, thread, glue, 81.6 x 106.8 x 10.2 cm (32.13” x 42.06” x 4”)

AVOID – 2022

Leather gloves, zipper, lacquer paint on canvas, thread, glue, 81.6 x 106.8 x 17.8 cm (32.13” x 42.06” x 7”)

ATTACH – 2022

Zipper, lacquer paint on canvas, thread, glue, 81.6 x 106.8 x 12.7 cm (32.13” x 42.06” x 5”)

HIDE – 2022

Foam, lacquer paint on canvas, thread, glue, 81.6 x 106.8 x 15.3 cm (32.13” x 42.06” x 6”)

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